Assualt Air Bike Challenge..WORLD RECORD???

December 31, 2019

Dan Thiessen head coach at Radix performance center in Oakville, Ontario Canada is on a mission to help the children we work with in Haiti.

"I'm raising money for The Dream Dealer and the house we have in Haiti that provides schooling, shelter, food, clean water, clothes for orphans who have NOTHING! 🇭🇹 I will Assault Bike 1 calorie for every dollar raised and I will bike them all in a 12 hour period. I NEED you to Help me help them by donating. You can email me at and make a donation and we will make sure to show you where 100% of the money goes and Ill be biking the calories LIVE."

Dan is a humble and inspiring individual, lets support his efforts!!! And for all of you that have had to endure his crazy workouts, make him pay!!! :)

Glen Abbey Golf Tournament 2019 A BIG SUCCESS

September 21, 2019

THANK YOU!!! Getting closer to our goal of buying 9 acres of land in Haiti to help our community become more self sufficient!! 

A special thank you to the 80 golfers and 100 guests that joined us for dinner! You are making a big difference, LETS get over 100 golfers in 2020 and the whole course will be ours! Spread the news of our hard work in Haiti and tell friends about this fundraiser. You rock!


May 18, 2019

On Saturday May 18, 2019 people from all around Oakville, Ontario Canada gathered at Radix Performance Center to participate in a brutal workout in support of at risk youth in Haiti.


The event was a major success and we were able to provide shoes to over 100 children! Our goal is to equip the children with whatever they require to join their local school.

The Dream Dealer sponsors over 100 children with educational funding. Special thanks to Polsky's Strength & Conditioning for bringing members from their gym to participate and support of our cause!!!

Radix Performance Center is a gym located in Oakville, Ontario. Owner Daniel gives his time to train at-risk youth in crossfit and boxing. The goal behind this project is to help the youth of our community, teach them hard work and self discipline, and give them a secondary support system away from home. If you're interested in these programs please send us an email. 

Looking to add children to this program, do you know someone?? Send us an email!

Have you ever gone to school without your shoes? 

September 23, 2018

A lot of the children in our community in Haiti are without shoes, hard to believe but its true!

After our fundraiser MURPH we have bought over 100 pairs of shoes to help equip the children to go to school! 

"Don't make your legacy your financial earnings in this life, make it something much more, something that will last forever." Michael Thiessen    

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