Many hands make the load lighter! 




Mike, son of a immigrant farmer from Chihuahua, Mexico started The Dream Dealer in 2009. It started off by him selling off all of his personal belongings to fund trips to Ukraine and Haiti. Now The Dream Dealer has teams of workers in both places as well as here in Canada.


Since then he married the love of his life Colleen and they have been activiely pursuing their calling to help the poor, orphans, widows, homeless and anyone who has been disenfranchised by poverty or sickness. 


Together, they want to encourage everyone to make changes in their lives to be a positive difference in their communties. Everyone has had tough times in life, but it is The Dream Dealer's goal to lend a hand of help to those facing the darkest times in their lives. 

Tent City Haiti:

We have a house in Haiti that we are transforming into an orphanage for up to 10 children. Give monthly to sponsor a child and the orphanage needs.


Radix Performance Center:

Working with at risk youth in the GTA by providing boxing classes and crossfit classes. Our goal is to teach self discipline and give children a secondary support system. 



Supporting Mercy Projects initiatives, as well as delivering food and clothing to villages in need. We also sponsor a family of 8 with food, clothes, medical supplies and education. Please visit to see the amazing work that they do!

Be apart of the movement and change lives everyday. 100% of your donation is used for our cause!

Mike, Colleen and their son Benjamin at the annual Dream Dealer Golf Tournament. 

"@thedreamdealer amazing work! I appluad your effort and your cause!"

Jose Bautista, Former Toronto Bluejay

On behalf of myself and the staff at Mercy Projects, thank you for coming alongside of Mike and making a difference in lives of children in Ukraine. I have seen it first hand...The Dream Dealer is not only a great idea but a way to live.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."


Zach Bell, Mercy Projects


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